Article: Artist, Don’t Focus your Promotion On Radio Station – Do These Instead (article)


These has been the problem of some artiste that made name years back, not able to adept to the system. some of this guys don’t even own an Instagram page. radio used to be the best way to break an act, . But in this new age radio is not the foolproof. it once was. the ability to listen to whatever you want, whenever you want, thanks to mobile devices, have usurped some of radio’s power to break an artist. the internet now exists as the place in which music fans unearth new talent.

Someone might be saying i still listen to radio, some stations still play good music? Well, that is for sure. it’s still a tool to promote music, But it has to be supplemented with other things.

Firstly, buying  legitimate Audiomack promotion as an upcoming artist can yield great results for your brand. Seems like most of the artists who utilize this type of marketing see a growth in fans and plays everyday. As an independent musician it’s your sole duty to make sure you get traffic to your content. Above all, Audiomack promotion plays a big role in turning your passion for music into a business.

Lets take a deep look at Omah lay, he has gained a lot through online and Audiomack promotion his name has been heard all over the states. The same can be said for an artiste whose songs is been promote on radio station. having your songs on Audiomack without a good strategy is worst than promoting your song on radio station


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