[Gist] Pastor Arrested After Selling Oil He Claims Can Protect His Members From Coronavirus


A pastor who sold oil claiming it can protect against coronavirus has gotten himself into very serious trouble.

A Kenyan Pastor and founder of Bishop Climate Ministries in Camberwell District in South London, Climate Irungu Wiseman is currently under investigation in the UK for selling an oil he claimed could protect his members against Coronavirus.

According to a report by Independent UK, the Pastor who sold the bottle of the oil at £91 (N40,950) each, was accused of exploiting the public by selling the so-called “plague protection” kits, consisting of oil and red yarn.

A post by Bishop Climate Irungu Wiseman read;

“It is by faith that you can be saved from the Coronavirus pandemic by covering yourself with the Divine Plague Protection Oil and wearing the Scarlet Yarn on your body.”

Bishop Climate had claimed in a post shared on March 21, that he was “instructed” by the Lord to prepare an oil “mixed with cedarwood, hyssop, and prayer” for the pandemic.

He said; “As you use this oil, along with special scarlet yarn, every coronavirus and any other deadly thing will pass over you.”


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