Gist:Don Jazzy sends N100,000 to guy who insulted him on Twitter

Then one of his followers, @badtguym replied him in an hostile manner saying the producer should keep mum.
“Will you keep kwayet?”
Unlike some other celebrities who would have thrown a tantrum at such follower, Don Jazzy, instead asked whether the follower is fine by saying,
“What’s the matter? Are u hungry? You can talk to me. I can help if u don’t mind. What’s wrong with you?”
The guy replied,
“Isolation is not funny ejor. Don’t mind me.”
Then Don Jazzy asked that he drop his account details,
“I can imagine. What’s ur details. So u fit buy indomie”
The guy who had told the producer to keep quiet before, suddenly wanted him to make the loudest noise as he dropped his account details and Don Jazzy sent him a N1000, 000.


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