Instead Of Dropping Back To Back Singles With Low Budget Do These Instead [Article]


Don’t release a potential hit song with lower budget because you want to stay relevant. Have seen cases were an artist says I want to drop a new single, because fans haven’t heard from him for a while not because he wants to release the song at that particular time. but because he feels is the only way to stay relevant.

The bad news: Every other artist has a new single to promote too, so you can’t just drop a song and expect it to reach people without some effort and advance planning.

So today on these article I will be giving you some key stretegy on how to promote your brands without dropping singles back to back

As artists, we’re dealing in “attention stage.” Gone are the days when you could disappear for years to make your next single and expect fans to stay loyal. In our world of short attention, jumping on to trend has a long role to play in your career

I know you would be wondering what I mean by this

what i mean by this, spend quality time on your social media page connecting to latest gist especially plaforms were hash tags a more effective. Pick a trending gist that suts you and share your thoughts


Whatever interesting gist that comes in on your page, he will be the one to convert them to news and frame them in an interesting ways. With this you can reach out to more audience and get to gain new fans and followers. If you need to know more on how to stay relevant without dropping singles contact us today


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