(KingJames gist) BADDEST!!! Davido’s Songs ‘Risky’, ‘Blow My Mind’ Hits Double Platinum


BADDEST!!! Davido’s Songs ‘Risky’, ‘Blow My Mind’ Hits Double Platinum. KING JAMES GIST.

2020 is already a success for Davido as he receives 2 awards yesterday.

Sony Music(Davido’s Record Label) Hosting An Album Dinner with the Baddest Himself. Sony themselves know that album is too fire 🔥🔥 They Had To Celebrate Success.
2 of Davido’s newly released songs got him on a new map and he was greatly celebrated.

See the list of the new feats his songs got below:-

  • ‘A Good Time’ album has gone Platinum in South Africa.

  • ‘Risky ft. Popcaan’ is Double Platinum

  • ‘Blow My Mind’ ft. Chris Brown is Platinum.

  • ‘IF’ is Diamond

  • ‘Fall’ is Double Platinum in South Africa.

One of the most interesting highlights from the even was that a picture was taken at the event to imitate the album art cover of ‘A Good Time’ album of Davido


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