Nurse with twins unborn babies contracts COVID-19 [Gist]


A US nurse expectant with twins is worried after contracting the dreaded coronavirus.

Before catching the virus, the mother of two, with a pair of twins on the way was not worried and never thought she could become a victim. Narrating her ordeal to Jasmine Jones through Women’s Health Mag blog, Jasmine disclosed she is worried for her unborn babies and has been super stressed out to a point she feels like she is walking on eggshells.

“I am a 26-year-old nurse from Indianapolis, Indiana. I am married with two kids and have two more on the way. My youngest is 11 months old, and my oldest is 3. My twins (a boy and a girl) are due on June 10.

Up until last month, I had my pregnancy plan in place. I continued to work my regular 12-hour shifts at the hospital until I physically couldn’t anymore. “And when the time came, I would deliver my twins vagin*lly, as I have done with my other kids. COVID-19 has literally impacted every aspect of my life: the physical, mental, and financial. It’s hit me hard, and I hope that in sharing my story, other people will take the virus more seriously. This may sound naive, but before I tested positive, I actually wasn’t worried that COVID-19 would get to me,” Jasmine said. The nurse revealed she tested positive for coronavirus on March 22, although she had not had contact with any COVID-19 victim at the hospital where she works.


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