See photos of small rations of food stuffs share to the public in River State [Gist]


See photos of small rations of food stuffs…………………

During this period of hardship due to the lock-down, the River State Government has decided to assist the masses with with edible items to support in this trying time.

But the problem is, what will people do with a ration as little as a plate of rice and two packs of indomie noodles ?

See the lumps of bags of rice and cartoons of noodles that was assigned for distribution, and take a look at the rationing, is this right?

is this another political stunt to make the federal Govt. think River Sate is helping?, or is it the staffs placed-in-charge of the distribution that is displaying this act of greed and wickedness in this trying time?

See photos below and drop your comment on this in the comment section.


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