Young Stunner Has Been Absent from the scene, what could be happening? [Article]


Ask anyone about Young Stunner. They’ll probably describe him as that artiste without blemish. Finest at his art, no stains on his discography, a quick check, you’ll discover he hasn’t been consistent out there, year after year.No Hit song, something is probably missing. You feel it, you know, “we suppose bring back this guy..

To be at the upper echelon of the game, your name has to be trampled on, discussed scornfully, treated with disrespect. You can’t be clean, months after months for you to trend, you just have to be embroiled in one controversy or the other, whether good or bad. It’s not for you, it’s just for your records to sell.But it’s not Young stunner. It gets so bad people can’t drag him. It disgusts keyboard warriors on facebook they can’t find an artist they can compare him with.


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